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Definition MarAgri

Photo of a raw, untreated sample of Dunaliella, grown in outdoor pond

Agriculture provided the means for the development of sustainable societies, states, trade and arts, starting about 10,000 years ago. Only 150 years ago, the development of societies accelerated, when mineral oil provided more energy and products. However, fossil reserves are not renewable, their burning caused global warming and we currently face a consumption rate of resources by a minor fraction of humanity that requires 3 earths to be sustainable.

The marine system (the oceans) covers 2/3 of our planet. All life in the oceans is solely dependent on the food and products produced by microscopically small plants: the phytoplankton. It takes about 12 years to renew all the plant biomass on land, but only about a week to renew all plants of the ocean. This fact shows the remarkable growth potential of phytoplankton. Marine Agriculture is the name for the activity which shall produce phytoplankton profitable on land without using freshwater, in dedicated production systems.

Products of Marine Agriculture are phytoplankton (feed & food), derived products from it (omega-3 oils, pigments, plant proteins, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, bio diesel), or organisms grown on phytoplankton and their derivatives (e.g., chitin, chitosan, glucosamin, pigments, oils). Marine Agriculture is sustainable forever. Even the technology can be fully recycled. It only needs land (desert), salt water, sunlight, minerals and enormous amounts of carbon dioxide. With this innovative platform, any arid region of our earth has the potential to contribute significantly to the furthering of all human societies in a just, fair and sustainable way and, as side effect, turning deserts green and mitigating global warming.

Sunset near Aphrodite's' Rock
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