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Marine Agriculture in a Context of Human Development

January 9, 2011

From: UN Human Development Report 2010, Figure 1.3, Page 24.

Marine Agriculture aims to support the sustainable development of economical, commercial and societal processes by creating large revenues at a moderate profit from as many as possible renewable organic resources that were produced at a sustainable high efficiency without consuming scarce resources, without emitting carbon dioxide, and by mitigating extreme welfare disparities between and within societies.

Marine Agriculture is not a goal in itself, it is a mechanism, process or system that shall contribute to an increase in global human development. In the worlds of United Nation’s Development Report 2010:

…human development has three components:

  • Well-being: expanding people’s real freedoms—so that people can flourish.
  • Empowerment and agency: enabling people and groups to act—to drive valuable outcomes.
  • Justice: expanding equity, sustaining outcomes over time and respecting human rights and other goals of society.

As can be read on pages 23-24 of said report, the three components

…are related to people’s opportunities, process freedoms (affecting people’s ability to shape their lives) and key principles of justice that shape processes and outcomes across people, time and space. These components are all embedded within a green band to acknowledge the shared environment. These freedoms are interlocking, and their expansion must be achieved within the bounds set by the sharing of the earth’s limited resources.

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