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The Future Arrived Again

December 13, 2010
Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2010
Last night 12 Dec 2010, in a BBC interview with the new Nobel laureates, the question was asked if science had solved the problem of climate change?

There was consensus: no. But one laureate, the chemist  Ei-ichi Negishi, added that he knew the pathway towards a solution: as a chemist, he said, I don’t consider carbon dioxide as a problem. In contrast, he continued, it is the material out of which all the organic material of our world is made. He concluded: ‘we only have to close the cycle‘.
He is right, and knowing that he was awarded his Nobel prize for his work on “palladium-catalyzed cross couplings in organic synthesis”, and it is clear that the future has a solution for carbon dioxide, and that the future has already started.
But it may take a while before fundamental science has grown into a real world, and a large real world, technology.
Until then, I think, we should start with what we have at hand, namely phytoplankton technology, which, as I discussed in a blog on 5 October 2010, is able to close the cycle.
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