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Can Biotech Food Cure World Hunger?

October 28, 2009

New York Times

October 26, 2009

In the NYT section ‘Room for Debate’ a very interesting debate discussed the nature and character of the next green revolution. How can agriculture mitigate this world’s hunger? Have a look at it, the link is listed at the right column of this page.

I have no further comment, but to wonder:

When will the production of desert based plants, growing on salt water, enter the debates?

And to voice the question:

will satisfying solutions ever be found without seeing the larger picture in which climate change, feed/food, poverty and injustice are all intensily related? Without fully understanding that this world is in essence a unified world?

Progress in all sectors and for everyone can be realized only when we combine moderation with  creating the best possible technological and economical progress on a global scale, sustainable, and for all inhabitants.

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