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July 22, 2009

Our global system is not stable. Resources are consumed at a rate, which would require 3 earths to be sustainable. Drinking water is already a scarce resource. CO2 emissions cause climate changes, possibly leading to the death of hundreds of millions of people by the mid of this century – if nothing changes. Is that what we really want? Will such painful future be necessary to develop a higher sense of responsibility fore this earth and its people?

We need new resources. Resources, that do not compete with existential needs of humans: drinking water, food, and habitable  land.

Marine phytoplankton is the only sustainable resource of the future (see other introductionary posts). It can drive an entire chain of products, meeting all human needs. Mitigating climate change, alleviating usage of freshwater, turning deserts productive for human needs: these are aspects that characterize the change of paradigm, which is possible with Marine Agriculture. The entire development shall and must be realized on fair economic principles.

The environment (sun, salt water, and land), the skill, support, and cooperation of a well selected entire workforce (marine technology, hydrology, biologists, aquaculturists, scientists, system engineers, chemical engineers, marketeers, product developers, PR specialists, sales team, logistic specialists, project managers), sufficient financial power and the determination to overcome problems are critical success factors for Marine Agriculture. Unique in their combination, these critical success factors shall result in the creation of this innovative, necessary and financially attractive business.

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